Green Thunder

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Mature Cheddar with roasted garlic and herbs

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Mature Cheddar with a perfect balance of rich roasted garlic and garden herbs for a delicious savoury taste and creamy texture

Green Thunder 200g Cheese

Balancing rich roasted garlic with aromatic garden herbs, Green Thunder creates a singularly delicious savoury experience. Fresh, smooth and creamy, it’s a delightful addition to any cheeseboard and pairs excellently with a dry sparkling wine or a light Pinot Noir.

Green Thunder Martini Cocktail UK

Cocktail Pairings 

The creamy Green thunder cheese typically has tangy, earthy flavours as well as some grassy and herbaceous flavours. The perfumed, herbal quality of gin matches with the cheese, so I like to pair it with gin cocktails like Martini or Tom Collins.