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Flavoured Cheese

Our ever-popular range of naturally smoked and flavoured cheese – each encased in a brightly coloured wax – is sure to add intrigue to your cheeseboard or recipes. Having first sourced the finest ingredients, our team of expert cheesemakers combine our Cheddar or Red Leicester with truffles, herbs, spices, spirits and more to create a spectrum of amazing flavours for you to enjoy, whatever the occasion. Handcrafted with care using our own unique recipes, our flavoured Cheddar and Red Leicester varieties include Beechwood, which has been smoked over beechwood chips; Truffle Trove, starring delicate Black Summer truffles from Italy; Ginger Spice, a sweet dessert cheese with crystalline stem ginger; and Red Devil, spiked with Habanero chillies, peppers and spices for a fiery twist. Have you got a favourite yet?
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