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Extra Mature Cheddar

We’re incredibly proud of our extra mature Cheddar cheese, which is meticulously taste-tested and graded by our expert cheesemakers to ensure its trademark smooth texture and intense depth of flavour. The first cheese we ever created was Black Bomber, our signature extra mature Cheddar – and it was an instant hit. Incredibly rich and moreishly creamy, it has scooped up multiple awards, quickly becoming a modern classic. Black Bomber always makes a popular choice on any cheeseboard and this versatile cheese can also play a leading role in many savoury recipes that the whole family will love. Our flagship extra mature Cheddar got an even more luxurious touch in a later addition to the Snowdonia Cheese range: Truffle Trove. Enriched with delicate Black Summer truffles, this is a truly decadent treat – and it’s particularly good served with a glass of chilled champagne.
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