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Cave-Aged Cheddar

Inspired by the centuries-old tradition of cave-ageing cheese, in 2020 our cheesemakers searched for the perfect setting for the creation of our first ever cave-aged Cheddar. They discovered a former slate mine, filled with natural caverns and surrounded by Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, close to the home of Snowdonia Cheese Company. It proved to be the ideal environment for ageing cheese, helping it to develop a distinctively rich flavour and a smooth, dense texture during its 18-month maturation. The result is Rock Star, a vintage cheese with a savoury aroma and delicately complex umami flavour leading to notes of sweet caramel. Wrapped in striking cobalt-blue wax, this extraordinary Cheddar will take pride of place on your cheese platter – and we have many tempting recipes for it, too.
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