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We’re delighted to introduce you (and your cheeseboard) to our new range of handcrafted, small-batch crackers – a delicious accompaniment to your favourite Snowdonia cheeses and chutneys. Our Wholemeal & Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spelt & Natural Yoghurt and Fig & Cranberry crackers are all created using expertly sourced natural ingredients and baked the traditional way.

Wholemeal & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crackers

These malty, savoury crackers, made with extra virgin olive oil and stoneground wholemeal flour, are pleasingly robust and crunchy. They pair beautifully with rich and creamy hard cheeses such as Black Bomber extra mature Cheddar.

Spelt & Natural Yoghurt Crackers

Our buttery, melt-in-the-mouth Spelt & Natural Yoghurt Crackers, made with spelt flour, natural yoghurt and a pinch of sea salt, are an exceptional match for rich and savoury cheeses such as Red Storm vintage Red Leicester.

Fig & Cranberry Crackers

Packed with chunks of figs and cranberries and handcrafted with extra virgin oil, these sweet and fruity crackers are the perfect carrier for Rock Star vintage cave-aged Cheddar, blue cheese or a hard, continental cheese such as Gruyère.