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It’s now Black Summer truffle-hunting season in Italy, when these rare delicacies are skilfully foraged from beneath the holm oaks and hazelnut trees. Prized all over the world for their unique, earthy flavour, these delicious morsels are known as “the black diamond of the kitchen” – and we discovered that they pair beautifully with our famous extra mature Cheddar.

Back in 2020, our cheese experts set to work on creating a cheese that perfectly balances these delicious ingredients – and the result is Truffle Trove. Here, the strong savoury characteristics and delectable sweetness of the Cheddar is complemented by the delicate umami flavours of Black Summer truffles. A moreish and full-bodied cheese, it has undertones of wild mushroom and hazelnut that lead to notes of garlic. It’s so delicious that it won a gold medal at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards 2022.

Truffle Trove is the crowning glory on a cheeseboard, served with plain crackers or crusty sourdough, and a lovely match for Barolo, Pinot Noir or a dry sparkling white such as Champagne. It’s also a flavoursome, aromatic addition to a number of recipes, adding layers of rich, savoury flavour to dishes such as an indulgent mac and cheese or a fillet steak and mushroom pizza.

Truffle Trove is available to buy on our website now.