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Transform the fiery flavours of Red Devil, our Red Leicester with Habanero chillies and peppers, into this tasty dip. Served hot from the oven, it’s perfect for dunking tear-and-share bread or your favourite sliced vegetables.


1. Place the grated cheese in a food processor and sprinkle over the cornflour. Mix until evenly coated.

2. Add all remaining ingredients and mix to a smooth paste.

3. Place in a small, shallow ovenproof baking dish and press down to get a smooth surface.

4. Bake at 180C (gas 4) for about 20 minutes until golden and bubbling.

5. Use a sheet of kitchen towel to remove any excess oil and allow the dip to cool slightly.

6. Serve immediately with tear-and-share bread and crudites such as cherry tomatoes, celery and pepper sticks, and radish.

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