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At Snowdonia Cheese Company, we’re constantly looking at innovative ways to improve our products and offer even more exceptional flavours. With this in mind, we’ve recently been busy redeveloping the recipes for two of our bestselling cheeses – Green Thunder® and Red Devil® – to make them more delicious than ever before.

In Green Thunder, we’ve swapped dried garlic for rich, roasted garlic to create a sweeter, more rounded flavour. You’ll also notice some extra parsley in the recipe, plus the cheese is now paler in colour as we’ve removed the turmeric from the original recipe. This Snowdonia Cheese favourite is as fresh, smooth and creamy as ever and pairs excellently with a dry sparkling wine or a light Pinot Noir.

Meanwhile, the secret blend of spices in Red Devil has been sourced from a new, more sustainable supplier. We’ve refined the recipe to offer an even more balanced flavour from very hot Habanero chillies, chosen for their slightly sweet, floral notes, and the moderately hot cayenne pepper, selected for its intensely warm spice. Now, this richly savoury Red Leicester has a magnificent depth of flavour and an irresistible heat – perfect for cheese on toast or melted over burgers.

It’s time to rediscover your favourites – and we have plenty of cheese-related recipes to inspire you.