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Celebrate summer with the launch of our new picnic collection. Dine out on the beach. Unfurl your blanket in the park. Whichever beauty spot you choose, pick up a ready-to-go Snowdonia cool bag, filled with delicious cheeses, chutneys and more.

 Our insulated cool bags are filled with everything you need for a luxurious picnic. Each one contains three award-winning cheeses – Green Thunder, Red Storm and Rock Star – crunchy Wholemeal & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crackers, a pair of tasty chutneys and a coarse-cut tapenade with mixed olives, sun-dried tomatoes, feta and Greek basil. Plus, for an extra-special touch, there’s the option to choose a bundle with either a bottle of French rosé wine or a selection of artisan soft drinks.

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