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Long, hot summer days are the perfect time to enjoy a glass of wine with a wedge of your favourite Snowdonia cheese. Here, we guide you through our choice of bottles to pair with some of our most luxurious Cheddars.

Black Bomber, our signature extra mature Cheddar, has won multiple awards for its deliciously rich taste and smooth creaminess. It has a long, savoury finish which calls for a robust, full-bodied red wine with dark-fruit flavours, and we think Cabernet Sauvignon is a perfect match.

If you love Truffle Trove, our extra mature Cheddar with Black Summer truffle, then try serving it with a crisp, dry sparkling wine, such as Champagne. You’ll find its fruity freshness is the perfect match for the distinctive earthiness and delicate hazelnut notes of this cheese – and slices of fresh figs make a wonderful accompaniment.

Our vintage cave-aged Cheddar, Rock Star, is fast becoming one of our most popular cheeses thanks to its smooth creaminess and umami tang. Pour a glass of easy-drinking white Burgundy to enjoy alongside it: this pale yellow-gold wine has an appealing citrus zing that works beautifully with the full-bodied cheese.

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