Red Storm Cheese Terrine

7th December 2018

Our Red Storm cheese terrine is a real show stopper alongside your sharing platters and nibbles.


Pair halves
4 ripe pears peeled, halved and cores removed
50cl port
50g caster sugar
pinch nutmeg
300g red storm grated
200g full fat cream cheese
1 tablespoon runny honey
Pinch cinnamon
75g roasted chopped hazelnuts


Pair Halves
• Put port, sugar and cinnamon in a sauce pan, bring to boil and reduce slightly
• Place pears in liquid and cook gently until pears are tender, approx. 15-20 mins
• Allow pears to cool in liquid, then remove to drain well and completely cool.
• Return liquid to heat and reduce until syrupy consistency.
• Beat cream cheese, honey and cinnamon in mixing bowl. Add red storm and mix thoroughly.
• Line a terrine tin with cling film allowing enough overlap to cover when filled
• Press half the mixture into tin and press down well, ensuring a smooth surface and all corners filled
• Arrange pear halves over cheese and press down gently
• Place rest of mixture on top making sure pears completely covered and surface is smooth
• Wrap with cling film and chill in fridge overnight
• Turn out onto a long flat plate and cover with chopped hazelnuts
• Decorate with fresh fig halves or black grapes
• Serve in slices with port syrup drizzled over