Created among the stunning

Valleys, lakes and mountains of North Wales…

…a family of cheeses bursting with character.


Nestled within beautiful North Wales amidst the fresh sea air and flowing water, the Snowdonia Cheese Company® was established in 2001, with the aim of creating a new and premium product – a luxury range of cheeses. We nurture cheese brought down from the valley, and with the finest ingredients and care, we produce our range of delicious award-winning truckles.

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The Journey

We began our journey selling cheese at UK farmers markets and the response was immediately astounding ⇒ Within months the cheese had made its way into fine-food delicatessens and luxury grocers ⇒ Snowdonia Cheese Company® cheese now appears in the most upscale retailers stores, on the menu at iconic sporting venues, and at the most prestigious events throughout the world.

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