Beechwood Smoky Sauce

25th May 2018


60g Snowdonia Beechwood Smoked Cheddar
4 tbsp Crème Fraiche
2 tsp Whole Peppercorns
1 Shallot
2 tbsp Fresh Parsley
100ml White Wine


  • Cook the steaks either on a barbeque or on a skillet/frying pan. Grill on both sides, time depends on personal preference for rare/medium or well done.
  • Set steaks aside to rest on a warm plate.
  • Add the wine to a pan and heat gently, add the chopped shallot and gently fry until golden and the wine has evaporated.
  • Stir in the Crème Fraiche, grated Beechwood Smoked Cheddar, the peppercorns and the chopped parsley.
  • Continue to stir until the sauce is of a silky consistency. Add any steak juices from the rested steaks to the sauce.