• Red Storm Rarebit Crostini

    These bite-size canapés are perfect to share or can be cut into more generous chunks and served with salad as an entré Ingredients 12 thin baguette slices Olive oil 150g Red Storm 2 tablespoon Welsh ale 1 dessertspoon wholegrain mustard Freshly chopped parsley and chives to sprinkle over Method ·        …

  • Mini Red Storm and Black Bomber Skewers

    Perfect party skewers to rustle up at a moments notice.  Ingredients 16 mini wooden skewers 16 cubes Red Storm 16 Cubes Black Bomber 16 slices Chorizo sausage 8 cherry tomatoes halved 32 small basil leaves 16 mini pickled peppers Method • Thread each skewer with pickled red pepper, basil leaf, …

  • Red Storm Cheese Terrine

    Our Red Storm cheese terrine is a real show stopper alongside your sharing platters and nibbles. Ingredients Pair halves 4 ripe pears peeled, halved and cores removed 50cl port 50g caster sugar pinch nutmeg Terrine 300g red storm grated 200g full fat cream cheese 1 tablespoon runny honey Pinch cinnamon …

  • Snowdonia Stormy Dip

    Ingredients 100g Snowdonia Red Storm Vintage Red Leicester 100g Fresh Baby Spinach 100ml Buttermilk 4tbsp Fresh Dill Salt & Pepper Method Put the spinach into a saucepan with a cup of water. Cook until the spinach has wilted. Remove from the heat and run through cold water and leave to …

  • Red Storm, Chicken & Salsa Wrap

    Select your wrap of choice and fill with: Red Storm grated Coriander leaves Thinly sliced cucumber Finely chopped spring onion Tomato salsa Shredded cooked chicken

  • Red Storm Veggie Grilled Sandwich

    Select your favourite bread, add the following ingredients and grill to perfection: Red Storm sliced Genovese pesto Artichokes sliced thinly (from jar with oil and well drained) Sun dried tomato sliced thinly Black olives

  • Twice Baked Storming Soufflés

    A light and fluffy soufflé with rich interior using the finest aged red Leicester.